Motivation India seeks to empower Persons with Disabilities to:

  • Improve one’s mobility on a long-term basis
  • Reduce secondary disabilities and discomfort
  • Experience a higher achievement of every individual’s full potential

We envision a world in which people with disabilities are included and fully participate in all aspects of life

Our mission is to enable greater independence and opportunity for disabled people in developing countries through the design and
provision of wheelchairs, services and training

Our Impact

  • 19,000 : Children & Adults with Disabilities Received the Right Wheelchair as per Individual Needs following the WHO Guidelines
  • 563 : Professionals, Wheelchair Users & their Caregivers Trained on Wheelchair Service Provision & Wheelchair Skill Training
  • 331 : Children & Adults with Disabilities Received Multi-Sports Wheelchairs to Access Inclusive Sports
  • 100 : Partnerships with Government & Non-Governmental Organisations to Empower People with Disabilities across India
  • 24 states & 7 UT: States Covered in India to provide Freedom through Mobility to People with Disabilities
  • 19 : Wheelchair Clinics established (The above data highlights the impact made by Motivation India from 2011 to March 31, 2021)


In India according to a recent study of wheelchair users conducted by Toyota Mobility Foundation, nine out of ten (94%) of Indian wheelchair users say they experience pain because of their mobility device. In most developing countries, including India, wheelchairs are usually mass produced and distributed without any proper assessment of the user’s needs and living conditions. Consequently, most wheelchairs are inappropriate and unusable over time; the quality of the wheelchair is invariable very poor and rarely is training provided on the use of wheelchair.

According to the Government’s Census 2011, there are 27 million people in India with some form of disability. 20% of the population with disabilities have a mobility challenge, thus at least one million people need a wheelchair. Without the right wheelchair, persons with mobility challenges are left isolated socially and economically with little or no access to healthcare, education, employment and are unable to participate in family life and society.

  • Mohammed Vakil

    I am supporting my parents, and my nine younger brothers and sisters are able to go to school.

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  • Pavithra

    My new wheelchair gave me mobility back, but on wheels. I can now move on all surfaces, and I am going to college.

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  • People Speak


    ' 95%plus wheelchair users in India are on `one-size-fits-all’ wheelchairs that are ill-fitting, affect confidence and lifestyle, and damage health for a lifetime. Motivation wheelchairs bring a refreshing change and enable persons with spinal cord injury to lead more active lives.

    Users feel more comfortable in stepping out of their homes, the vital first step in their integration with the community.'


    Co-Founder ,The Ganga Foundation & The Spinal Foundation

  • People Speak


    'The Lotus Flower Trust has been very impressed with the efficiency of the staff of Motivation India. Motivation wheelchairs are truly the best we have ever seen in India, so well suited to the needs of the rough terrain in Ladakh.'

    John Hunt

    CEO, Lotus Flower Trust

  • People Speak


    Motivation India provides training to NGOs, supports in establishing wheelchair clinics in their respective areas and provides spares for repairs and maintenance.

    Motivation India provides training to NGOs, supports in establishing wheelchair clinics in their respective areas and provides spares for repairs and maintenance.

    Jone Wills

    Managing Director, Christian Hospital, Chhatarpur. Madhya Pradesh

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