Motivation India seeks to empower persons with disabilities
To improve one’s mobility on a long term basis
​​​​​​​ To reduce secondary disabilities and discomfort
​​​​​​​To experience a higher achievement of every individual’s full potential

We envision a world in which people with disabilities are included and fully participate in all aspects of life

Our mission is to enable greater independence and opportunity for disabled people in developing countries through the design and
provision of wheelchairs, services and training

The right wheelchair, the right way

  • My new wheelchair gave me my mobility back, but on wheels.

  • “It feels like magic began once these wheels came into my life!”

  • “ I want to live a life independently without taking anyone’s support like before to my accident.

  • The tricycle moves freely. I can get to school and travel around easily


    16,000+ individuals with mobility disabilities have been empowered with customised wheelchairs since 2011
  • Trainings have helped wheelchair users, practitioners and managers who set up practices to cater to the disabled
  • Schooling and employment have become accessible to a large majority of the people Motivation works with
  • Self-confidence, and hope for the future has become a part of every story that Motivation tells!


In India according to a recent study of wheelchair users conducted by Toyota Mobility Foundation, nine out of ten (94%) of Indian wheelchair users say they experience pain because of their mobility device. In most developing countries, including India, wheelchairs are usually mass produced and distributed without any proper assessment of the user’s needs and living conditions. Consequently, most wheelchairs are inappropriate and unusable over time; the quality of the wheelchair is invariable very poor and rarely is training provided on the use of wheelchair.

According to the Government’s Census 2011, there are 27 million people in India with some form of disability. 20% of the population with disabilities have a mobility challenge, thus at least one million people need a wheelchair. Without the right wheelchair, persons with mobility challenges are left isolated socially and economically with little or no access to healthcare, education, employment and are unable to participate in family life and society.

  • Mohammed Vakil

    I am supporting my parents, and my nine younger brothers and sisters are able to go to school.

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  • Pavithra

    My new wheelchair gave me mobility back, but on wheels. I can now move on all surfaces, and I am going to college.

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  • People Speak

    “I feel thrilled when I see another person mobile because of the work I do every day!”

    Our master trainers Sudhakar and Praveen did a great job of providing us real, hands-on knowledge on how to assess wheelchair users, provide the right wheelchair, and train them on how to use and maintain their wheelchairs.

    Empowered to Empower!

    Training participant, Amritsar, Punjab

  • People Speak

    “We provide wheelchairs to severely challenged people. We are indeed pleased to have Motivation India provide custom-made wheelchairs for us, across all age groups and gender.”

    Motivation’s wheelchairs are of international standards with minimum maintenance.’

    From Dependent to Confident!

    Ms Geethamrutha, President, Margadarshi - Association for the physically challenged

  • People Speak

    “ When Motivation (our partner NGO) stepped in, Harjot’s life changed forever! He received the care he needed as well as a suitable wheelchair.

    At the age of three, Harjot was completely dependent, and left alone by those dearest to him when his father passed away and mother abandoned him”

    Now at age eight, Harjot attends school, has achieved a high level of mobility and is thriving. We are sure he will do very well in life!

    Abandoned... but not Alone anymore!


Thank You

To all our donors and supporters who have made our work possible