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According to the Government’s Census of 2011, there are 27 million people in India with some form of disability. 20 percent of the population with disabilities have a mobility challenge, which means at least one million people need wheelchairs.

While some wheelchairs are available from government hospitals and agencies, they are far from sufficient to meet the requirement. Users find that most of these are mass-produced and are of poor quality. This means that the needs of individual users are not met in a suitable manner and the wheelchairs soon become dysfunctional, unable to bear the wear and tear associated with unevenly surfaced living environments. Poorly suited wheelchairs also result in further injury, sores or pain during use.

Without the right wheelchair, persons with mobility challenges are left socially and economically isolated with little or no access to healthcare, education, employment and unable to participate in family life and society.

In line with the mission of Motivation India, we seek to use the strategy of providing appropriate wheelchairs, with suitable training and awareness in order to improve mobility of people with disabilities on a long term basis, reduce secondary disabilities and ultimately empower people with disabilities to experience a higher quality of life.