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Everyday wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are a catalyst as they empower Wheelchair users with independence, enable them to connect socially and lead a healthy life. One model or size of wheelchair cannot meet the needs of all users, and the variety of different types of wheelchairs may assist users and their caretaker to select the best wheelchair suiting the contextual needs. In most developing countries, including India, wheelchairs are usually mass produced and distributed without any proper assessment of the user’s needs and living conditions. Consequently, most wheelchairs are inappropriate and unusable over time. The quality of the wheelchair is invariably very poor and rarely is training provided on the use of the wheelchair.

Motivation has a range of adult and children type wheelchairs, postural supportive devices, each one has been designed specifically for different environments and circumstances. In addition, in order to maximise the impact of the wheelchair, they should each be prescribed after an assessment ensuring the needs of the individual are fully understood. Here’s a quick look at the various wheelchairs, cushion, and postural support device kit designed by Motivation India for individual’s specific needs: