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Our Story

 A Global Story of Motivation!

Motivation was founded in 1991 by a group of friends- David Constantine, Simon Gue, and Richard Frost, who had set out to design an appropriate wheelchair for use in the developing world.

Motivation has been changing lives for the last three decades by providing the right wheelchair, in the right way, designed to meet an individual’s specific needs and also robust enough to withstand the rough terrain and environment. Today Motivation International designs and provides wheelchairs and services around the world.

Motivation India is a part of the global organisation named Motivation and our heritage is thus, rooted firmly in an acute understanding of how ‘good design’ can transform lives. To learn more about our history and design philosophy, please visit

Motivation India Works Nationwide

Since 2011, Motivation India has empowered 19,000+ children and adult with disabilities across India to access the Right Wheelchair as per their individual needs and suitable for their environment.

Wheelchairs are at our heart, but not just any wheelchair, it is the right wheelchair, fitted to meet an individual’s specific needs and robust enough to withstand the environment.

Cinque Terre

Through our trainings and practical support, we ensure that the individuals we work with, develop the confidence, self-esteem and skills to use their wheelchairs, as well as gain the knowledge to stay healthy and understand their rights.

At the same time Motivation India also helps to break down barriers faced by persons with disabilities and their families by working with communities to tackle stigma and promote inclusion. In this way we help children to go to school and adults with employment and livelihood opportunities, thereby empowering them to fulfil their potential.

Our Approach

Motivation India follows the “4 P & I” Approach as we empower persons with disabilities through our 1. Partners, 2. Professionals, 3. Products, 4. Provision and 5. Influence. We collaborate with government institutions, non-profit organisations and academic institutions and universities. Since 2011, we have collaborated with 100 government & non-government organisations to empower persons with disabilities across India.