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Our Values

Motivation Values

Our organisational values reflect who we are and who we aspire to be, while helping to shape how we conduct ourselves and treat others. We use these values to inform and guide our work. Ultimately, they provide a set of principles that help us to make informed decisions and positive choices, so that together we can enable greater independence and opportunity for disabled people around the world.

We are Inclusive

We treat everyone with dignity and respect, putting disabled people and the communities we work with at the heart of what we do – from the design and delivery of programmes to our fundraising and communication activities. We celebrate difference and embrace diversity in every aspect of our work while promoting equality among our teams, partners and communities.

We are Empowering

We understand the importance of building the self-esteem, confidence and autonomy of disabled people and their communities, our project partners and our staff team. We collaborate and work in partnership to build the capacity, knowledge and skills of others – from local organisations to national governments and global bodies. This enables us to initiate and sustain change at a greater pace and scale than we can achieve alone.

We are Inventive

We believe in being the catalyst for the change that we want to see in the world – from wheelchair design and service provision to sustainable working practices. We challenge ourselves and others to find creative and practical solutions to the barriers that disabled people face, so that we continue having a positive impact on the people, communities and partners that we work with.

We are Honest

We know that an open and transparent approach is vital to maintaining our integrity and keeping the trust of everyone we work with. We are not afraid to admit when things have not happened as per the plans, we are committed to learning from our mistakes, so that we can constantly evolve as an accountable organisation.