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Motivation Multi Sport Wheelchair

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) recognised that a barrier to sport participation globally was the absence of good quality, but low-cost sports wheelchairs for its most popular sports.

Elite wheelchairs were available, but access limited and at several thousand dollars financially out of reach for individuals, schools, clubs, governing bodies, rehabilitation units and national federations, especially in low and middle income countries.

The IPC wanted to change that and connected with us at Motivation, recognising that we had over a decades experience in creating award winning, low cost, everyday wheelchairs and services for the humanitarian sector.

We hooked up with the world governing bodies for Tennis and Basketball and later the IPC in their capacity as the Para athletics governing body and created an entry level range of sports wheelchairs.

We have produced over 12,000 sports wheelchairs which can be found in more than 100 countries, including India.

The sports that now use these chairs has expanded, Badminton, Cricket, Kabaddi, Dance, Rugby League, Softball, in addition to Basketball, Tennis, Track and Marathon Racing.

We work with global mobility specialists such as Ottobock in Europe and Numotion in the US to make these sports wheelchairs available in high income settings.

Organisations continue to purchase our wheelchairs because they are right for their sport, their exceptional build quality and price.

Individuals, funders and corporates also find value from a CSR perspective as 100% of the profit from sales helps us get the right everyday wheelchair and training to people who can’t access, or afford them, who often live in poverty.

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