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Sports Wheelchair- Our Journey!

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) had recognised that a barrier to sports participation globally was the absence of good quality, but low-cost sports wheelchairs for its most popular sports. Elite wheelchairs were available, but access limited and at several thousand dollars financially out of reach for individuals, schools, clubs, governing bodies, rehabilitation units and national federations, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

The IPC wanted to change that and connected with Motivation ( that we had over a decades experience in creating award winning, low cost, everyday wheelchairs and services for the humanitarian sector.

Motivation collaborated with the world governing bodies for Tennis and Basketball and later the IPC in their capacity as the Para athletics governing body and created an entry level range of sports wheelchairs. Motivation has produced over 12,000 sports wheelchairs, which can be found in more than 100 countries, including India. The sports wheelchair are used for a wide variety of sports such as Badminton, Cricket, Kabaddi, Dance, Rugby League, Softball, in addition to Basketball, Tennis, Track and Marathon Racing.

We hooked up with the world governing bodies for Tennis and Basketball and later the IPC in their capacity as the Para athletics governing body and created an entry level range of sports wheelchairs.

Promoting Inclusive Sports in India!

Sports unites people by breaking the Linguistic, Cultural & Social barriers and also provides an excellent platform for Inclusion & Adaptation!

Since 2011, Motivation India has been working to promote inclusive sports in India by providing good quality, low-cost wheelchairs for popular sports. Participation in sports not only provides empowerment, but also enables People with Disabilities to lead a good and healthy life as it contributes towards:

- Improved Quality of Life
- Increased Muscle Strength & Stamina
- Improved Social & Personal Life
- Reduced Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety

Motivation Multisport Wheelchair

Cinque Terre

Motivation Multisport Wheelchair is an entry level, dedicated sports wheelchair, tough enough to be used by multisport participants, across a wide range of sports and activities. (Product codes: WM4SP-02 (Adult), WM4SP-K-02 (Junior))

Key features of Multisport Wheelchair:

  • Tension adjustable fabric seat upholstery, with height adjustable backrest.Adjustable footrests and removable front toe-guard.
  • Quick release rear wheels with 15 degree camber for responsive turning, stable position and easy fast propulsion.
  • All models are provided with a single layer foam cushion, toolkit and a set of four straps.
  • Designed to provide at least three to five years of service during normal use, providing it is appropriately maintained.

With toe-guard, Multisport Wheelchair can be used for • Basketball • Tennis • Rugby League
Without toe-guard, Multisport Wheelchair • Badminton • Handball • Dancing

Motivation Multisport Wheelchair promotes Inclusive Sports as it provides an opportunity to Children & Adults with Disabilities to participate in sports ranging from Basketball to Cricket, Lawn Tennis to Badminton and also Volleyball.

Motivation Flying Start racing wheelchair

Motivation Flying Start racing wheelchair is an entry level dedicated track and road racing wheelchair. (Product code: WMRC-01-AG )

Cinque Terre

Key features of Motivation Flying Start racing wheelchair:

  • Designed according to international regulations.
  • Adjustable footrest and seating to allow for individual sitting or kneeling position.
  • Tension and height adjustable backrest.
  • 700c high performance wheels.
  • Steering cylinder adjustment and lever brake.
  • Provided with a toolkit and a set of three body straps.

Since 2011, Motivation India has distributed 331 Multisport wheelchair in India. To know more information please contact,